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Every believer has been given the privilege to come into relationship and communion with God. This requires that we yield in consistency and commitment on a more personal level in our prayer life, so that we may develop a substantial and lasting relationship with  Him.


Seek Sessions was designed  to help :


  • Those who desire to grow their relationship and communication with God

  • Learn how to pray the word of God

  • Be surrounded with a community of like minded believers

  • Strengthen believers in their faith

  • Develop a deeper understanding of a life called to prayer


It’s easy to fall into the trap of a prayer-less life or even fall into a season where life becomes so overwhelming that it becomes hard to take time to really pray and seek the Lord. However, this does not stop our responsibility to the call of prayer.


If you have found yourself in a place where you desire to know more about prayer, then Seek Sessions was created with you in mind! Check out different ways that you can connect to Seek Sessions below!

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